Reflux / GERD / Heartburn

The Problem

Food should enjoy a one-way ticket through the entire gastrointestinal tract. Occasional heartburn isn’t usually a reason for a visit to your office – it’s only once the issue escalates that people seek treatment. Your patients want relief, and they want fast and lasting treatment. 

The Causes

Poor food choices or lifestyle choices contribute to upper GI distress. It’s important to establish good eating habits and add a regime of supplemental nutrition to assist with healthy digestive function throughout the GI tract. Healthy enzyme levels aid digestion and encourage overall health.

Nutritional Products That Support Upper-Level Digestion

Nutri-West offers a variety of vitamins, enzymes, mucilaginous plant extracts, and supplements such as  HCL to aid digestion and provide protection to improve and maintain the upper GI tract health.

Top Reflux / GERD / Heartburn Supplements


Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Enzyme Support

Total Enzymes

Common Applications:

Cholesterol Support; Digestive Support; Enzyme Support

Digest Plus

Common Applications:

Children’s Support; Digestive Support; Herbal Support


Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Enzyme Products

Total Probiotics

Common Applications:

Digestive Support, Which Includes Prebiotics; Ileocecal Valve Suppport; Immune System Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Self Tolerance Support; Urinary Tract Support

L-Glutamine Plus

Common Applications:

Ileocecal Valve Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Leaky Gut Support


Common Applications:

Detox Support; Ileocecal Valve Support

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