How to Expand a Chiropractic Practice

How to Expand a Chiropractic Practice Using New Revenue Streams

Traditionally, when you want to expand a chiropractic practice, you step-up marketing to bring in more patients or open a satellite office to serve a different geographic location.

But there’s another approach to expanding your chiropractic practice: expanding your practice by creating new revenue streams. You continue to operate your chiropractic practice and treat patients, but at the same time, you increase your offerings.

This allows you to serve additional markets and gain exposure at the same time. If you are interested in how to expand a chiropractic office by creating different revenue streams, explore these 5 possibilities. 

Support Corporate Illness and Injury Prevention Programs 

Did you know that 34 states have regulations or voluntary guidelines for workplace illness or injury programs? Chances are you are in one of these states. Generate a revenue stream by filling the needs of these companies to create and maintain corporate illness and injury prevention programs. 

Create online courses that help companies stay in compliance and keep employees healthy and safe.  You may also develop workbooks, brochures, and other educational materials to support illness prevention programs. 

Become an OTI Training Center. These organizations are authorized by OSHA to deliver education in safety and health to workers and supervisors. 

Companies in all states are interested in employee wellness. Employee wellness programs cover topics such as smoking cessation, office ergonomics, as well as diet, nutrition, and fitness.

Private Label Exercise Gear

You probably already recommend exercise, yoga, and meditation. Why not private label the gear your patients need to meet their goals in these areas?

Offer exercise equipment and gear such as resistance bands, balance training aids, stability balls, kettlebells, yoga mats, jump ropes, and more. 

Many companies offer private-label gear that’s perfect to sell in-house. Don’t just recommend that patients perform movements to increase mobility, flexibility, or strength – offer them private labeled resistance bands to get the job done.

Promote fitness, improve patient outcomes, and increase revenue by adding a new stream of revenue with privately labeled fitness equipment. And remember, every time your patients use their gear around others (such as a park or apartment/condo fitness center) they are advertising for your practice.

Expand Your Services

Partner with an acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist, radiologist, or occupational therapist to expand the services offered by your office. Bringing these services in-house brings in new patients that might not otherwise be exposed to your practice. 

You’ll also improve patient outcomes. For example, you can focus on diagnosing, osseous adjustments, and wellness while a physical therapist focuses on rehabilitation and recovery. 

Start by researching your state’s laws regarding professional affiliations. In addition, you’ll want to consult with an attorney to stay on the right side of the Stark law. These complementary healthcare providers may operate as employees or independent contractors. 

You may even want to add the services of a personal trainer. 

Scout your talent carefully and consider referrals from local universities that offer physical therapy massage therapy, or even music therapy programs. 

Even if you don’t bring in new practitioners, you can expand your chiropractic practice by offering muscle testing. Invest the time, money, and energy in Applied Kinesiology training and expand the services you personally offer. 

Rent Unused Space

Do you have an area that’s not being used? If you leased space with an eye for expansion that hasn’t occurred, rent your extra space to a massage therapist or acupuncturist, or if you think outside the box, a small yoga studio.

A small yoga studio needs as little as 200 square feet to operate. You’ll want to establish a separate entrance so classes can be held apart from office hours. But renting any extra space to a yoga instructor can bring a steady stream of people who are interested in wellness right into your offices. 

Not only is this a great marketing effort, but the rental income provides an additional revenue stream. 

If you lease your facility, check your lease for restrictions or rules for subleasing your space. 

Offer Nutritional Supplements

Offering nutritional supplements allows you to create dietary supplementation programs on a personalized basis. Your patients get the exact nutritional, herbal, and glandular supplementation they need for their unique wellness needs. 

Instead of sending patients to big box stores, multi-level marketers, or eCommerce stores that sell supplements of questionable quality or efficacy, offer them supplements that meet your exacting standards for quality, purity, and potency.

Supplements are an important part of any wellness regime and not only represent an additional revenue stream, but they are also a recurring source of revenue as well.

Talk to the Chiropractors at Nutri-West of New York and find out how to expand your chiropractic practice through the sale of nutritional supplements. 

Think Outside the Box to Expand Your Chiropractic Practice

These days, it pays to think outside the box to expand your chiropractic practice. Look for additional revenue streams, creative marketing, and strategic partnerships. 

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