Dr. Jason Horowitz

Jason Horowitz

Hello, my name is Dr. Jason Horowitz. I am co-owner of Nutri-West NY together with my partner Dr. Jamie Forster. We run a successful holistic family health care cash practice that utilizes chiropractic, kinesiology, sports and rehab therapies, pediatrics, nutrition, vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies.

I used Nutri-West products personally, with my family and in my practice long before becoming the distributor for the New York/New England territory. In fact Nutri-West became my top selling product line due the great results I felt and saw in my practice. Dr. Forster has been using them even longer; in fact he was one of the very first Nutri-West accounts in our area when they first expanded here in 1985, and he became a consultant offering advice on patient care. So it was a natural fit when the opportunity came up to take over the territory so we jumped at the chance. We could now help other practitioners as well as our patients and we had extensive knowledge and experience to draw from.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can improve their health naturally. We know that using Nutri-West products in your practice as a win-win for both the patient and the practitioner. When you use high quality nutritional supplements in your practice with a system to determine what their specific needs are, then give the correct supplement at the correct dose, you will see three big benefits: improved patient outcomes; increased patient loyalty and referrals; and a new revenue stream for the practitioner that is free from insurance.

We are here to guide you and collaborate with you. We have over 50 years of collective experience, we can help you whether you are just getting started or if you are already using supplements but need some help with your most difficult cases. Let’s work together in health.

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