Cleansing / Detox

The Problem

Our environment bombards the body with chemicals, toxins, and harmful contaminants. These toxins build up and deter the body from performing at optimal levels. Help your patients support their liver, remove toxins, and establish new lifelong habits for proper diet and nutrition through cleansing and detox. They’ll feel better and you’ll feel better knowing you’ve set them on a path to better health. 

The Causes

From lack of fiber necessary for regular elimination to consumption of processed foods with unnatural additives and preservatives, patients inundate their bodies with chemicals to utilize enhanced shelf life. Digestion, cognitive ability, and energy levels improve when toxins are removed as the body is cleansed. All-natural antioxidants are readily available in nutritional supplements to facilitate proper biochemical reactions and flush the body of toxins. Living in metropolitan polluted areas may lead to the need to further investigate detox.

Nutritional Products That Revitalize and Energize Through Detox

Nutri-West offers a variety of plant extracts, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and other supplements to support safe and effective detoxification and support healthy liver and kidney function.

Top Cleansing / Detox Supplements

Total Systemic D-Tox

Common Applications:

The body has seven different detox pathways by which toxins are eliminated and Total Systemic D-Tox covers them all with a synergistic combination of powerful herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to facilitate cleansing.

Total Probiotics

Common Applications:

Digestive Support, Which Includes Prebiotics; Ileocecal Valve Suppport; Immune System Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Self Tolerance Support; Urinary Tract Support

LV Renew

Common Applications:

Detox Support; Inflammation Support; Kidney Support; Liver Support; Self Tolerance Support

Total Green

Common Applications:

Aging Support; Antioxididant Support; Cox-2 Inhibitor Support; Detox Support; Inflammation Support; Muscle Building Support; Protein Powder; Weight Support

Complete Paleo

Common Applications:

Adrenal Support; Aging Support; Attention Support; Detox Support; Digestive Support; Energy Support; Hormone Balance Support; Immune System Support; Inflammation Support; Joint Support; Mood Support; Muscle Building Support; Nervous System Support; Protein Powders; Sugar-Handling/Pancreatic Support; Weight Support

Complete Whey-G

Common Applications:

Aging Support; Antioxidant Support; Cox-2 Inhibitor Support; Detox Support; Eye Support; Inflammation Support; Muscle Building Support; Protein Powders;

Total Leaky Gut

Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Leaky Gut Support


Common Applications:

Children’s Support; Detox Support

Total Liver D-Tox

Common Applications:

Cholesterol Support; Liver Support


Common Applications:

Detox Support; Digestive Support; Enzyme Products

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