The Problem

More than 50 million Americans experience some allergic reaction each year. These may be from environmental allergens or ingested in food. The result is a cost of almost $18 billion each year. A healthy immune system is critical to improving and maintaining overall health. An immune system that cannot self-tolerate is a source of many health problems. 

The Causes

When the immune system fails to self-identify and self-tolerate benign proteins as non-threats, it produces histamine without reason. Vitamins, such as Vitamin D and adaptogenic herbs support a healthy immune system as well as proper self-tolerance to suppress allergic symptoms and support healthy histamine pathways.

Nutritional Products That Support Proper Self-Tolerance and The Immune System

Nutri-West offers a variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements to support healthy self-tolerance and immune system reactions.

Top Allergy Supplements

Whole System Histo-Zym

Common Applications:

Respiratory Support


Common Applications:

Antioxidant Support; Cox-2 Inhibitor Support; Respiratory Support


Common Applications:



Common Applications:

B Vitamin


Common Applications:

Children’s Support; Detox Support


Common Applications:

Cox-2 Inhibitor Support; Enzyme Product; Inflammation Support; Joint Support

Total Systemic D-Tox

Common Applications:

Detox Support

Total Liver D-Tox

Common Applications:

Cholesterol Support; Liver Support

Complete Omega 3's

Common Applications:

Attention Span Support; Brain/Cognitive Support; Cox-2 Inhibitor Support; Cholesterol Support; Inflammation Support; Nervous System Support

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