The Problem

A healthy intestinal lining maximizes the absorption of nutrients from food and supplements while also acting as a powerful barrier to foreign invaders. But if your intestines aren’t healthy, you can’t extract these key nutrients. Relieve occasional bloating, gassiness, irregular bowel movements, and a host of other digestive issues with a healthy gut biome.

The Causes

Medication and poor lifestyle choices impact intestinal health. Lifestyle changes and improving dietary practices are a start. A regime of nutritional supplements can add important probiotics and feed healthy gut flora as well as support healthy intestinal linings.

Nutritional Products That Support Healthy Intestinal Function

Nutri-West offers a variety of supplements including essential vitamins, probiotics, fiber, and plant extracts to support hearty intestinal health.

Top Gut Health Supplements

Total Probiotics

Common Applications:

Digestive Support, Which Includes Prebiotics; Ileocecal Valve Suppport; Immune System Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Self Tolerance Support; Urinary Tract Support

L-Glutamine Plus

Common Applications:

Ileocecal Valve Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Leaky Gut Support

Total Lipotrophic

Common Applications:

Cholesterol Support

#14 LB-CLN

Common Applications:

Detox Support; Herbal Support

Total Leaky Gut

Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Leaky Gut Support

Complete Omega 3's

Common Applications:

Attention Span Support; Brain/Cognitive Support; Cholesterol Support


Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Enzyme Products


Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Gall Bladder Support; Liver Support

Total Green

Common Applications:

Aging Support; Antioxididant Support; Cox-2 Inhibitor Support; Detox Support; Inflammation Support; Muscle Building Support; Protein Powder; Weight Support

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