The Problem

People are frequently sleeping less and their quality of sleep is unsatisfactory. More and more patients complain about their sporadic inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Most modern technology provides blue-light blocking features, but technology still gets much of the blame. It’s only a small part of the problem.  

The Causes

Poor sleep habits, stress, and improper diet and exercise all contribute to sleep disruption. When improving the sleep environment and behavior, increasing physical activity, and reducing screen time before bedtime does not work, a regime of appropriate nutritional supplementation provides calming and sleep-promoting relief.

Nutritional Products That Support Healthy Sleep Quality

Nutri-West offers a variety of supplements to promote restorative sleep. Dissolving lozenges bypass gastric acid and deliver directly into the bloodstream.

Top Insomnia Supplements

SLP Renew Lozenges

Common Applications:

Antioxidant Support; Sleep/Relaxation Support

Pro-Cortisol Balance

Common Applications:

Cortisol Support; Male Support; Mood Support; Muscle Building Support; Sleep/Relaxation Support; Weight Support

Total 5-HTP

Common Applications:

Brain/Cognitive Support; Mood Support; Nervous System Support; Sleep/Relaxation Support; Weight Support


Common Applications:

Nervous System

Serene Renew

Common Applications:

Sleep/Relaxation Support


Common Applications:

Brain/Cognitive Support; Mood Support; Sleep/Relaxation Support

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