The Problem

Pancreas health may go unnoticed. Even though the pancreas plays an important part in digestion and hormone regulation, it may be overlooked. Over 86 million people in the US have poor pancreatic health. And those are just the ones that have been diagnosed with problematic glucose levels or digestive enzyme issues. Many others need nutritional support for pancreas health.

The Causes

Concerns with the gallbladder or thyroid, improper blood calcium levels, or irregular triglycerides may be rooted in the pancreas. Certain medications can negatively impact pancreatic health as well. The pancreas needs all the help it can get to function properly.  Lifestyle changes that eliminate alcohol consumption and improve dietary intake are elements of a comprehensive nutrition plan. A regime of nutritional supplements that promote a well-functioning pancreas and support healthy digestive enzyme levels is important for improving health and vitality.

Nutritional Products That Support the Pancreas

Nutri-West offers a variety of supplements including Lipoic Acid; A, C, and B vitamins; minerals such as manganese and zinc; and plant extracts and phytonutrients to support pancreatic glandular health and promote healthy blood sugar and digestive enzyme levels.

Top Pancreas Supplements

Total Enzymes

Common Applications:

Cholesterol Support; Digestive Support; Enzyme Support

Total Probiotics

Common Applications:

Digestive Support, Which Includes Prebiotics; Ileocecal Valve Suppport; Immune System Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Self Tolerance Support; Urinary Tract Support

Digest Plus

Common Applications:

Children’s Support; Digestive Support; Herbal Support

Core Level Pancreas

Common Applications:

Sugar-Handling/Pancreatic Support


Common Applications:

Mineral Products; Sugar-Handling/Pancreatic Support


Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Enzyme Products

Total Leaky Gut

Common Applications:

Digestive Support; Intestinal Flora Support; Leaky Gut Support

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