Dr. Forster and Dr. Horowitz have extensive knowledge about practice, patient care and nutritional support.

With over 28 years of teaching chiropractic students and practicing chiropractic and nutrition, I learn something new every time I talk to either of them.

Every day in practice, I use products from NutriWest to improve patient health and help them with their wellness goals.

Thank you for your dedication to patients and the support that you give to providers to get the best patient outcomes.

Mary Balliett, DC, MSACN

Nutri-West is an outstanding company with a diverse range of supplements. I’m a practitioner who has been using Nutri-West for many years. When Dr. Foster got involved and they raised the bar even higher.

You can count on Nutri-West to give you top quality products, amazing educational materials and tons of practical information at their seminars. Doctors and patients will maximally benefit when using Nutri-West products.

Dr. Lisa Kirsch

Twenty-one years ago my practice was dreary and just not fun. After 15 years of practice there had to be a better way! A Nutri-West brochure landed on my desk. I read it, went to one of their jam-packed, informative seminars and I have never looked back!

Nutri-West and its products have propelled my practice to a higher level. Every day it is a joy listening to patients’ miraculous testimonials of improved health using Nutri-West products.

The Distributors are fantastic, always available for Nutri-West questions and they ensure timely deliveries. Nutri-West continuing education is cutting edge with brilliant speakers, all willing to share their clinical pearls.

Thank you Nutri-West for your role in optimizing my patients’ health and the Health of my Practice!

Deborah Baker DC
Baker Family Chiropractic

Dr Forster, I just wanted to share my thoughts and praise after attending your seminar. My husband and I have changed the way we practice entirely and you have opened our eyes to so many new things. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and practice experience. It has really helped us monitor ourselves to take the time with each patient to be as precise as possible to helping others and ourselves achieve true optimal health. You have shared so many tools that every practitioner should have in their tool box. Every chiropractor who is interested in lab work should attend your seminar!! We can’t thank you enough! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Dr. Lauren And Dr. G

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