The Powerful Benefits of Chiropractic Business Coaching

Growing a business doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a commitment and a journey that not only increases your revenue, but it should decrease your stress and improve patient outcomes. As with so many other things in life, this isn’t a journey to make alone. Chiropractic business coaching helps you achieve your goals, keeps you accountable and consistent, and gives you an unbiased view of your practice and your goals. 

Why Seek a Business Coach?

The traits that naturally make you a great chiropractor might not be the traits that naturally make you a great business person.

A chiropractic business coach is someone who has mastered the chiropractic business as well as patient care itself. They help chiropractors fulfill their dreams of caring for patients and building a great business. 

If you set the same goals every quarter and every year but are frustrated with the lack of progress toward the goals, a business coach can help. They identify the activities that are getting in the way of your success.

If you hear complaints from patients about the office practices or their treatment and no matter who you hire, the problem persists it’s time for a little coaching. 

Through chiropractic business coaching, you discover what you aren’t doing, what you can do differently, and what you shouldn’t be doing at all. A coach will challenge you, teach you new skills, and bring a fresh perspective to your business. 

Every coach measures their success by the success their clients achieve.

What Coaching Entails

A coach does more than just help you create goals, they help you with a strategy to reach your goals. Then they help you decide what must be measured to track progress toward your goals. With a coach, your broad goals are broken down into much smaller and achievable pieces. 

Your business coach brings clarity to muddy waters. The scope of coaching may focus solely on business goals, but more likely business and life goals will be intertwined. Depending on the state of your career, an exit strategy might be the ultimate goal. 

Within business goals, you’ll look at goals for staff, the growth goals in terms of patients or billables, and the scalability of current services offered. If your life goals include travel or more time with family, your coach will help you balance those goals with business goals. 

Benefits of Having a Coach

A business coach brings something to the table you can’t possibly provide – a fresh set of eyes and an unbiased view of your practice. 

The coach is only invested in helping you succeed. Coaches aren’t constrained by limited thinking. Business coaches don’t say, “we already tried that” or “that won’t work with our staff” because they bring a new perspective. Sometimes, you just need to see what you are doing through the eyes of another person. 

Business coaches bring a broad range of experiences to your practice. They’ve usually worked with practices of various sizes and at different stages of the cycle of the business.

During start-up, your coach helps you establish your office and staff, and start thinking like an entrepreneur. If your practice is established, your coach can help you grow and scale with a focus on the efficiencies and effectiveness of your systems and the addition of new revenue streams. 

Through coaching, you’ll:

  • Gain better focus on patient care by learning what to delegate and to whom you should delegate.
  • Improve staff and patient onboarding workflows and create better employee training experiences. 
  • Diversify and add revenue-enhancing services and products that enhance patient care. 

Coaching Comes in Different Forms

Not all coaching looks alike. It’s important that you work with a coach that fits your business and personal style. You’ll want coaches that have practiced chiropractic medicine personally.

For example, Doctors Forster and Horowitz with Nutri-West New York have helped many fellow chiropractors improve revenue by diversifying the services and products they offer. They hold seminars that qualify for continuing education credits to help practitioners improve patient care and outcomes. Through their dedication to informing healthcare practitioners about the importance of proper nutrition, they help grow practices and improve lives.

If your main goal of coaching is to build your practice, schedule a consultation with Nutri-West New York. Find out how Doctors Forster and Horowitz have helped other chiropractors improve their cash flow and build the size of their practice.

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